Return to Phantom Creek – novel by Bud Filler – $25 / $15

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By former jumper Bud Filler (MYC-52), who served as an artillery and infantry line officer in the U.S. Army’s 9th Infantry Division.

Set in the mountains of Idaho, this adventure novel involves three long-time pals, starting in their early years as smokejumpers, then soldiers in the Middle East, now civilians, and meeting each fall at their elk hunting camp in the backcountry. Terrorists catch the protagonist and friends in a gunfight, with smokejumpers becoming unwitting participants in the skirmish after arriving to take down diversionary fires the terrorists have started.

Hardcover is $25; softcover is $15. Each $6 shipping and handling.

Order by contacting Burning Mountain Press, P. O. Box 45534, Boise ID 83711. Telephone (208) 322-5187. You can also contact Bud directly at

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