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Follow the excitement and heritage of smokejumping on the Smokejumpers website!

The adrenaline ... the spectacular views from the open door of an airplane ... and finally, the silent descent toward Earth until the parachute snaps open, followed by a glide to the ground.

You may never have the chance to fight a wildland fire after plunging from an airplane with a parachute strapped to your back, but you CAN experience the feelings of history, camaraderie and solid purpose when you visit the Smokejumpers website!

Stop by and spend a few minutes on the site ... and take in the latest information on this method of controlling forest fires. You’ll understand right away why smokejumpers call their work "the greatest job in the world!"

And who knows? Maybe you’ll feel the wind through your hair as you prepare to land in roadless areas of the American West ... earning your wings as you go!

Check out the website today, at:!