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This is a one-time, non-refundable donation to the NSA that will include a free NSA membership.


For more than 80 years, SMOKEJUMPERS have enjoyed the admiration and appreciation of the American public, while performing a critically important service in protecting the nation’s forests.


From high adventure to making friendships that last a lifetime, being a SMOKEJUMPER is an incredibly satisfying job. Why not join their ranks? Once you’ve felt the exhilaration and the fulfillment of a job well-done, you’ll know it’s a feeling that’s hard to match.


Purchase your "Become A Smokejumper" Package from the National Smokejumper Association today ... if you’re interested in becoming a smokejumper, or are just curious. This is a PDF loaded with more than 40 pages of information.


For just $15, you can discover:

  • What smokejumpers do, and how to become one
  • The history of smokejumping, and its importance in American forests
  • A list of smokejumper bases and contact information
  • Detail on each smokejumper base’s host town

The National Smokejumper Association is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. However, you should ask your tax expert for advice on the extent (if any) to which you can deduct your donation to us.


Please Note: All National Smokejumper Association (NSA) memberships, regardless of length, are donations to the NSA for its educational and service-oriented work.

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