Mule Shoes to Santa Fe – by Jim L. Hickman – $17

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A Smoky Mountain family raises Morgan horses and mules for use by all "settling of the west" activities, including Santa Fe traders, pioneer settlers, soldiers and miners. The story starts in Tennessee in 1840, with three strong young men, cousins, starting West with horses and mules, immediately being victims of an attempted robbery, which leaves one robber dead and the boys with a reputation and part of an international dispute. The story follows their escapades and increasing tough reputations to the Ohio River and as they travel by barge to the Santa Fe Trail and on to Santa Fe, where they trade successfully, narrowly avoiding the Mexican army. They return, much wiser, to several surprises. The story involves a number of women and some tragic happenings and some joyful occasions and a display of faith in God and humanity.

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