Just a Few Jumper Stories – by Rod Dow – $20

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Just a Few Jumper Stories is a book including 70 true stories from Rod Dow's 32 years of smokejumping in Alaska and the West. Written in a simple storytelling format, it represents smokejumping in a genuine, unpretentious way.

The author warns that "the book includes cussing, car smashing ... firefighting, and other poor choices."

To order: Please send Rod an e-mail at dow4seven@gmail.com and he'll reply with his mailing address. Send him a check for $20, shipping included, and he'll mail you a signed copy. Alternatively, you can order Just a Few Jumper Stories on Amazon for $18.95, plus shipping.

Rod says: "I'm usually a day quicker than Amazon, and I'd be happy to sign it for you."

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